Greetings! All once again! Visit in London Ukrainian Man from Mercedes Club Ukraine

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Jun 8, 2005
Ukraine, Kiev
w210 E320 "00+C123 230CE "82
Greetings! All once again. Ohhh it is a pity, that anybody does not have an opportunity to meet me during from June, 21 till June, 25th... Or there can be I have not seen? Put please contact phones with whom it will be possible to meet and communicate? Ау brothers? More in detail about my business trip and my schedule in London read here.
I am too far from London to come and meet you.

Not many of us are particularly close to central London and travelling from outside London to the centre by car is difficult and travelling far by train is expensive in England.

Somebody may reply, but you have not missed anything. The times which you are free are quite late in the evening so not good for people who must then travel home and have work the next day.

I recommend you use your spare time to do some sight seeing in London on your own or wth your colleagues.

Try this website:

I hope you enjoy your visit.
Guys! Thank big for your responses. It is very pleasant for me that you have answered.
I realize, that I arrive in week-days and the majority of you does not have opportunity to arrive on a meeting.
Without problems!
Now about pleasant!
At me the time-table of visit has exchanged. And even hotel where I shall live:)

So, the new time-table.:
June, 21.
I shall live in hotel Somerset Bayswater apart hotel
And basically in 19:30-20:00 I shall be free for a meeting.

June, 22.
At 15:30 full and kind I to leave hotel:)
From 16:00 instead of trip on " a wheel of a review " we may meet (both near hotel and near the Wheel of a review), however at 20:00 I should get in Beefeater/

June, 23
In 19:30-20:00 I already shall come back in hotel from the lock Leeds and I shall be free. Instead of supper may meet...

June, 24.
Only by 23:00 I shall come in hotel... Any opportunity to meet.

Let's coordinate day, time and a place of a meeting that it was convenient for all.
Please reply in the Events section to avoid Duplication.
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