Group B makes a return?!

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Apr 17, 2009
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I had a group B car back in the day! Chevette hsr.... OK not up to the standards of proper group B but it was classed as one :D
I feel they need to work on the tv format and distribution.
All the free to air content was over edited highlights, which removed too much of the drama.
More camera technology needs to be used to show different perspectives that show how dangerous the sport can be. Ghost views and real time splits need to be the norm.
Also, little is known about the current line-up of drivers and teams. Personalities need to be shown.
Easier said than done I know.
I'm fairly sure I read the FIA recently complained about cars being too fast and actually cancelling a rally stage (based on the time it was achieving).

I can't see them headed back down the group B road, pun not intended.

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