Group buy. Bilstein Shocks b6's/b8's

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Jun 9, 2014
CLK 430
Hi there all,

Was wondering if any you guys/girls would be interested in getting into a group buy for A set of Bilstein shocks. I would need least 5/10 people. I'm going to make a few phone calls this afternoon and hopefully I'll manage to get good discount off each set..

Please could you leave your name/ mercedes model.

Thanks a lot guys

Thanks for the interest. I've made a few calls this afternoon but the three companies will hopefully be getting back with prices tomorrow. Crossed fingers they manage a decent discount.
That's two sets wanted.

1) Myself/ w208 clk430 b8's
2) Astamir/w208 clk55

Anyone else interested? Look to hear back with discount prices tomorrow.
If you can find someone who can supply B6's for a CLK500 convertible, let me know....?

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marbee said:
W4E300, Will do thanks for the interest.

Happy hunting....! If you do want B6's on your 208, remember you only need to order 3....!

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Yes I totally understand, I'm on the case of trying to get the best discount. Soon as I get the figures I'll post the details.

No no, the group buy will be for the full set of bilstein dampers (2 fronts and 2 rears) I recently contacted W4E300 about a single rear b6 damper he had for sale. Lol
Right just off the phone with Balance Motorsport. He's offered a 5% discount on 5 sets & a great 10% off 10 sets..

Please look at his web page I'm 100% he's the cheapest around

Please forgive me guys, I think I've made a little mistake somewhere. I'll be back intouch once I've got more info from suppliers.

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