Gtg Saturday 17th April 2021 at Maidstone Services

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Jan 28, 2010
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Due to the success and subsequent interest we will be having another meet up at the services (junction 8 M20) on Saturday 17th April at 2pm.

Free parking is restricted to 2 hours, so don't get there too early.

Pop along for a coffee and a chat. I'll provide the cakes, honest :thumb:
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Bump :thumb:

01 MissyD
Just a small cake to bake then Sarah......
Maidstone services not a million miles away from me and Saturday looks good weather-wise.
Trouble is I'm working......☹️
When it comes to cake , my philosophy is...if you're gonna have one, have a big one
You've met my wife then? LOL

I remember going out to Kolkota to do some training in a call centre. Was there for 4 weeks and boy do they love cake. Monday - celebrate the new week so cake needed. Tuesday - cake for a birthday. Wednesday - cake for their sister's friend's cousin's mother. Thursday - cake for one of the Gods. Friday - well, it's Friday!! Lot of poverty there, but the cake makers were doing pretty damm fine!
Hope to see some of you Saturday :thumb:
I can't help wondering why MissyD is making so many recent visits to Maidstone area....o_Oo_O:eek::eek:
That gonna be another maybe for me.
I have a job to for my son, if thats a quick fix then I hope to be there . My own decorating can wait till Sunday.
Mrs philc57 won't see this message 🤫🤫🤫🤫
I was beginning to wonder if everyone was staying in to watch Phil the greek's send off...
I may be able to make this tomorrow Sarah
Cool, I'll be in the old girl (blue 124) parked in the little car park area on the left as you come in :thumb:
Cool, I'll be in the old girl (blue 124) parked in the little car park area on the left as you come in :thumb:
Ok ! Will do my very best , Its been a few years since I last met up with you ...I will be in a black AMG wagon

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