Hamilton Autotech Corfe Mullen MB Indy in Dorset.

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Nov 1, 2008
Bournemouth/Poole Dorset
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I took my E55 to Richard Hamilton today for an A service including oil (which I supplied and he had no problem with that) filter and brake fluid change.
He is a one man band operating from a very nice and well equipped workshop at the rear of his bungalow which houses a lift and he has Star to update any digital service record.

I already knew the price having asked for a quote beforehand and his email was followed up by a phone call to check it was acceptable. His rates are extremely good (£48 ph inc VAT) and my service was calculated at 2.6hrs plus parts.

As its a little way off the main road I expected to have a long walk or catch a bus to find somewhere to have a coffee whilst the work was done. He surprised me by offering his courtesy car to take home which was a bonus.
I also asked before I left what his opinion was without Star why I couldn't operate my passenger side window or adjust the wing mirror from the master switches on the drivers side. He said he put it on Star to check.
I got a phone call at lunchtime telling me the car was ready to collect and I made my way back.
I was greeted by a full Star readout of the whole car, including stored and current faults which were then cleared and only a couple returned after driving the car on a post service test.
The window now operated after he re coded the replacement door control module I fitted about 3 years ago to stop current draw. It was never programmed for a car with memory seats which is needed.
The Star test revealed I have broken wires in the n/s door mirror stopping it being operated from the drivers switch. A job for tomorrow.

His inspection revealed a couple of split front suspension bushes and a rear tyre at 3.5mm tread. I'm having oe parts priced and emailed to me for an idea of cost when I return.

So, in summary, I have found a really good indy just 6 miles from my home where I received good friendly service from an ex MB Tech at a great hourly rate. Well worth a visit if you are in Dorset or west Hampshire.20190701_203006.jpg 20190701_203144.jpg
Incidentally, none of the three suspension advisories were picked up during my last MOT on 5th June:oops:

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