Happy Birthday Sp!ke and Scumbag

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Jul 13, 2003
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Have a great day Chaps....:bannana: :D

Yer, right..
Do you think they were really born on April 1st ?
Of course, someone has to be...:D

Don't quote me though H.. ;)
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Happy Birthday Chaps :)
Something like that... ;)

Nice to see the grey matter still works at your age you geriatric old ..............
I have cancelled the birthday this year. Its not happening.

in fact, being 107 is more preferable.

Apparently I am instructed to join a birthday celebration on Friday as one of the staff has a son, who is having his 18th. Not quite sure if it will work to be honest. Plus he has also got an audition for the X Factor (whatever that is) in May. So I guess I can go about in the corner, pretending to remain 39 for a few more years.

Thanks for the birthday wishes tho.
To any forum member who really does have a birthday today: Happy birthday! :bannana::bannana:

To any forum member who doesn't really have a birthday today: Shame on you! ;)
Happy birthday chaps! :bannana:

P.S. Anybody ever seen Sp!ke and Scumbag in the same place? And they have the same birthday? The conspiracy theories start here..... :D
at least no one ever forgets your birthdays!!

have a sunny day :)
There we go again! The annual merry go round :D. Just wait until Scumbag sees this :devil:. I love a good rant! :cool: (*)

(*) Mark, I count on you to not disappoint me :D

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