Happy Birthday Sp!ke

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Ian B Walker

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Jun 7, 2003
300-24, saloon and coupe, E300 24 valve diesel estate
24 hours early I know but Happy Birthday, have a nice one :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: :bannana:

(or is this another April Fool thingy :) )
Ian B Walker said:
(or is this another April Fool thingy :) )

And in public profile the year of birth is given as 1907 .....
Friday, Birthday, sunny afternoon - Take care of that hangover tomorrow!

Happy Birthday.
Are we still all sure about replying to this thread when his birthday in public profile reads

1st April 1907
hmm, maybe not then eh!
I've been trying to keep quiet about this one but I have been thinking that perhaps people have been replying to Birthday threads without reading the previous posts.

Its very nice of you all to wish me a Happy Birthday and all that but I am affraid that you are all way off the mark date wise. :p

...and no, I will not be putting my *real* DOB into the control panel :cool:

Has it really been a year since your last April Fools B'day??

You must have had a real Birthday in the last year so best wishes for whenever it was :D

I cant help wondering just how many people are going to reply to this thread again this year without reading any of the posts. :confused:

Taking bets anyone ?
he he - not me ;) :D

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