Happy Birthdays - sp!ke and scumbag

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Dec 2, 2003
North Yorkshire
hers - slk 320, his - dull diesel BMW fleet :/, Xtrail, Honda CBR 1100xx, Yamaha YZF600, Ribble Road
:bannana: :bannana: Have a great day guys :bannana:

- hope it stops raining for part of the day at least
Have a super day chaps :bannana:
Happy bitrthday guys, have a great day!:bannana:
Happy birthday to both of you.:bannana: :bannana:

am off to creat havoc somewhere that asks for you DOB proof.

you would not belive it, but people at work still ask me if its 2day. why? what is so unusal about that. my eldest niece and edlest nephew were both born on 1st Jan 14yrs apart and nobody asks them if it really is there birthday?

special offer on Tarten Paint at all Focus stores today. get down for some, you never now when it may come in handy!!!!:D
scumbag said:
edlest nephew
Is that head less?? :D

Happy birthday to 'u' and happy birthday to Sp!ke

What they all said :bannana:

April 1st, eh? Hmmmmm.

imadoofus said:
What they all said :bannana:

April 1st, eh? Hmmmmm.


yep. all of them...twice normmally. I must be a fool thinking people would not say anything........
glojo said:
Is that head less?? :D

am allowed one joke surely!:(

apologies for the typo. should be eldest.
Just the TWO of you, have a good one.
Happy Birthday Guys ... :rock:
Hope this isnt a joke :p but anyway happy birthday chaps. Do enjoy yourselves :D :D

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