Happy new year to all!

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Sep 27, 2016
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Happy new year to the brilliant MBClub community & their families.

What’s your new year’s resolution?
There's no happy new year , no resolutions, it's life , it's highs and lows , more lows the older you get . But yeah all the best everyone. I'll take that . God bless . X
Happy new year, all MB owners and members. Had some great advice on here over the years, I've been a member. I appreciate all the advice I've received. It's a fantastic forum, the brand suits the forum perfectly.

New year's resolutions: personally, I've got an addictive personality, I've given up a few things over the years. Mostly bad addictions, smoking for one. The other stuff as well, the harder type of smoking stuff. Been 20 plus years now I've given all that smoking stuff up, as well as other stuff. Anyway, moving on to now and present stuff. I've decided to start a healthier lifestyle, we'll try to.

1: try to eat more healthy foods.

2: more exercise, even though I work in heavy physical workplace. Personally, I find if I'm not active enough at work I suffer with sore joints when not active. So the fitter I keep myself the fitter I feel. I hope this is the case🙄.

3: try to stop talking about the amazing M156 engine that has cross my path. There have been posts where people say this and that. And I have withdrawn from posting. The 156 is a masterpiece, it truly is. Yes there are newer variants available, and better available, to some this is the be all and end all. I feel in this territory. You all know my feelings towards the M156. I'm glad to say, it's here to stay lol.

Moving on to more joyous debate, all the best everyone, with your families and the cars we all love to run, and this fantastic forum.

Cheers everyone 🍺🍻👍
Not the best start , the household turns Covid positive yesterday and we lost our 95 year old nan at 7am this morning .
Not the best start , the household turns Covid positive yesterday and we lost our 95 year old nan at 7am this morning .

Gosh, sorry to hear that. Commiserations and condolences to you and your family.

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