Happy with service from MB Nottingham main dealer (Inchcape)

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May 1, 2018
Nottingham, UK
W204 C350 Coupe 2012
Dear all,

Thought I'd detail my experience with Inchcape Mercedes Benz Nottingham this week, as I'm very happy with their service; have used them since I acquired the car in 2018 for all my services and MOTs. I've no connection whatsoever with them, just like to report good service when credit is due.

My car (C350 Coupe AMG sport Blue Efficiency 2012) was due a regular service, ATF gearbox service, MOT and brake fluid change (the car has done ca. 70,000 miles, can't recall if it was an A or a B). I've had an engine management light on for a little while (diagnosed by an independent as exhaust temperature and NOx sensors and quoted at circa £800 if I recall), so added MB diagnostics on too, in the hope of a dealer contribution if it was pricey - total quoted price from the online booking system was £1,100 or thereabouts.

As it turns out, I had a front passenger side suspension spring that was broken (I had absolutely no idea), and it was just a catalyst temperature sensor that had failed (NOx all fine), both of which were MOT failures so naturally had to be sorted.

All in, the final bill was £1,307 plus a few pennies - don't get me wrong, that's still an awful lot of money, but I think that's pretty decent considering the initial quote! I know the service agent applied various discounts as a loyal customer (and I took her some flowers, she's always so welcoming and efficient). Certainly makes me think twice about using an independent.

Lovely to not have that annoying yellow light on the dash!

Cheers :)

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