Hardcore 202! Not for the faint hearted

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Sep 23, 2004
Ontario, Canada
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Just been getting some more ideas for the car lol. :devil:

Dont panic I dont need carting off in a straight jacket just yet.

I do like the rear light clusters.
The bonnet and headlights. Think it gives a newer look.
Other than that :rolleyes:

View at own risk :eek:
glad to see he consulted a colour specialist before embarking upon that respray :crazy:
I lurve ze color! ... said Stelios

I absolutely hate, with a passion, those spoilers. You see them on everything from the roof of a saxo to a .... well, a Merc! :D Saw one the other day on the boot of an absolutely bog-standard 1.4 Orion ... :confused: Do Halfords give them away with every 8" sub?

<tic_mode>Not into banning things, but those spoilers should be consigned to a global skip, melted down and recycled as sticks to beat anybody about the head who even thinks they look "cool".</tic_mode>
Thmsshaun, just what have you been slurping during the night. Quick someone call the Style Doctor, serious case of over enthusiasm me thinks. Now its time for me to go and throw up :eek:
I can appreciate the work that has gone into the car and after I take my evening medication the colour MIGHT grow on me!!! :)

The car certainly makes a statement ;) .

I like the idea that the lights fit in there. Its just a shame that the design is so loose and the theme incoherent.
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pammy said:
glad to see he consulted a colour specialist before embarking upon that respray :crazy:

It,s the dutch national colour :D very patriotic :D
peterchurch said:
It,s the dutch national colour :D very patriotic :D

but it has a german plate on it :) lol
front wheel arch out by 2".... :eek: what??

cheap nasty plastic switches? spend that much on the car and skimp on 3.99 worth of switch? tw@t if you ask me..

let alone the spoiler obv...

or the colour...
it's been tango'ed! :D

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