Harman retrofit W204


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Jul 3, 2012
C250 CDI AMG Sport Plus
Evening guys,
Apologies if a thread exists already but i couldn't see one in the search bar...

Like a few guys on here, i ordered the facelift w204 prior to its release this year and ordered 'from the book' and at the time the dealership i visited told me the harman speaker upgrade could only be added if i took the command system too...

Im really enjoying my car and had settled with the fact i couldn't get the harman system, but I've been told by somebody since that you can select harman at point of order without needing to upgrade to command, obviously for a cost.

Does anyone know if this was the case from day1 and the dealer info i got was incorrect?

Secondly, has anyone else looked into a retrofit through mercedes and can give me a guide on cost?


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