Harpenden Autos Luton Beds

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Mar 25, 2007
Had an A service + atf /filter change there recently, all done while I waited and can't fault them. Peter knows his Mercs. Recommended.


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nice 1 guys.

i'll give them a buzz and see if i can take it down for an inspection,as until i figure out whats wrong with the car and the smell,i wont love the car!!!

the car wasnt too bad on long steady trips,even at high speeds.
but in london,with traffic and the usual 30-40mph speed limits,petrol is killing me...and i dont really want to be on a road rage 24/7,but whats the point of buying a 3.2 twin turbo if i can't enjoy some of its benefits? right?
my main reason for buying it was because of how rare it is to get an original conversion by hughes of beaconsfield,but i want the speed too!
i'll send it for a full service as i can smell oil burning,which god knows means what but i hope its not head gasket as that has been changed in 2006 apparently.

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