Harsh Downshifts


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Feb 20, 2012
Mercedes C220 Coupe
I'm new to this forum and new to Mercs too!
I bought my 2002 C220 CDI Auto in June last year. Since i have had it, the car has been brilliant, until i blew the gearbox on Friday!! :doh:
Thats now fixed, new box and torque converter (£995.95 later!)..
But this has left me thinking now, when i'm driving, when the car gets up to running temperature, i sometimes get really harsh downshifts at about 2500 revs just before it changes up a gear. This usually bursts the car into life if i keep the accelerator down and stays in the lower gear till about 3500 revs, it does the same if i'm booting it but the downshift starts at about 3500 revs lasts to about 4500 revs. If i back off the accelerator when it downshifts or listen to the engine sound and back off just before, it won't downshift and drives normally.
IS THIS NORMAL!?? IS MY LEAD FOOT THE PROBLEM? Or is there something more sinister going on here that was probably the cause of killing my last gearbox?? :dk:

Other thing is since i got the new gearbox work finished yesterday, the car seems hessitant to push over 110mph (**on private road**), its far more responsive than it was before the new box, but after getting to 110mph quickly (for a 2.2 diesel) it seems to ease off even though my foot is pinned to the floor!
IS THAT NORMAL?? it would easily get to 140mph (**on private road**), before i changed the box!

I know i've ranted on a bit, but.. ANY INFO HELPFUL



Jan 24, 2012
Hi welcome to the forum i cant help you with your probs other than you sod slow down a bit:)the people on here are well clued up and will help you out and save you lots of hard earnded dosh.

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