Have you planned your next car (already)?

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Apr 12, 2007
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Here’s a question….

Do you (always?) have your next car in mind?

This is not a "what is your next car going to be" thread, but instead, do you keep one in mind, even if you have no plans to change the one you have now?
Your current car could be stolen, crashed into by some muppet, hit by a meteorite or parked up innocently at an airport multi-storey car park….

The how / why doesn’t matter, but suppose that you could at any point need to replace it and quickly
Do you already know that you will want to try out something different / a 2 seater / an estate / an SUV / even a BEV next time?
Do you have a search already saved on Auto Trader?
Would you buy a local, cheap run around to tide you over (and sell on) whilst you took your time to find the unicorn spec edition that you would really, really want?

This discussion came about from a poor soul whose car was (and potentially still is) parked at Luton airport….
Not written in stone, but seriously thinking about an EV. More precisely an MG4,
X Power, we'll see. 🙂
Don't usually think about it until a few months before I change......however this time its been a few years!!!...which is why I've had my ALFA 5 years....which is about 5 times as long as I usually own a car for and this will be the first in a while I wont make a profit on!!! The reason is of course that COVID, and the used car prices that came with it, stopped me buying. It was obvious that used car prices where going to tumble eventually..and now at last they are....so I should be buying soon....well as soon as the prices show any signs of not falling further!!! I feel sorry for those who purchased used cars over the last few years....big money is going to be lost......but its not like it wasn't obvious so there you go!! A mate whos still in the trade says they recently have started to have some very difficult conversations with customers that have bought over the last few years........being offered £10k less than they bought a 25k car for 2 years ago is quite normal.....bit of a shock when it was 4 or 5 grand loss before!!!
I tend to look at what is around currently, and if something piques my interest i make a mental note to revisit the car in 10 years time and see what the issues are, the general costs etc, The R230 was on the back burner for a tad longer!!
Currently eyeing up G Wagons.....
At my age I have to future proof everything, including my car. With this in mind I have been looking at downsizing as the S205 is rather more car than we need.
I have a search on AT for the car that I will probably buy and also have looked at an EV, but the initial cost of a used one in the spec I want is still far to high.
When the change day approaches things may change vis a vis the EV.
Yes and no. At any point in time I’ll have several cars in mind which i’d really like to buy, but the car I’ll actually buy next is absolutely anyone’s guess! It’s always an eclectic mix of cars too.

The car which has been on my list for by far the longest - and which I’ve never actually pulled the trigger on - is a Smart Brabus Roadster. I really want one but finding the right one has been a challenge.
Your current car could be stolen, crashed into by some muppet, hit by a meteorite or parked up innocently at an airport multi-storey car park….
I had a car stolen in 2016 and I knew exactly which model I wanted to buy and ironically had only viewed some in the weeks prior to having to buy one.

When we viewed them it was with intention of replacing a different car, but when another car was stolen it all slotted into place and we bought one soon after.

Luckily exactly the right car in exactly the right spec was available immediately from a main dealer, which hadn’t been available just days before. Pure luck. Still got it too.
Yes, I have known for a couple of years what my next car will be,
It's no secret I want a W213 E63s with certain options. Whilst I've seen a couple (I have the model saved in Autotrader search) the time isn't right just yet to buy.
Should the S204 I'm using now fail me or get stolen/written off then a cheap runabout would suffice for a while.
I'd have any of those....not the estates obviously....I'll never be that old...or have a dog!
As a tide-me-over immediate replacement I'd get a circa 2010 Pug 207 petrol with low miles. Cheap as chips and plentiful. After that, the search would continue and for a like for like (i.e. under £10k) replacement, I'd probably get another E class W212, but in dream world I'd buy a last of the face-lifts civilian Hummer H1 with the better engine and where the economy had been improved to 10-11mpg (US Gal.).

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