Head lamp light beam correct forward pointing

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Peter Michaels

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Feb 25, 2017
2008 C-Class 180 SE Kompressor 1.8 Saloon
Hello Can i pick your brains please, I can't find anything on line about left and right beam position on the road. Only up and down.

The right shorter beam on my car and the longer left beam, start about 2 meters left of the roads center which looks a bit odd.

I then had it adjusted at an mot garage after the guy said it was wrong and night came and it was still the same.

He said the machine did it right. But has it? The right shorter beam on my driving side of the road starts almost at the centre of it.

Is that right? I thought were the right shorter beam meets the longer left beam, should be in the center of the whole road?

Many thanks
All ok apparently it is supposed to be like that. It used to be likei thought but that has changed.
So the forum has come up trumps again . . . . . . . brilliant ! .
It always does oh yep

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