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Nov 16, 2014
Mercedes C63
Hi All,

Has anyone ever manage to change the headlamp cover on a W205 ILS unit?
Since I got my car back from the dealer, there is a couple of cracks appeared in the lamp but the dealer isn't excepting any responsibility as I have had the car back 5-6 days. :0(
Generally it will be a light cluster out job. You will need to heat it up using either a heat gun or sticking it in the oven to the glue to soften up, and the re-apply the new cover with more adhesive to make sure it is weatherproof. No easy way around it I'm afraid.
This sounds like a new unit to me, I wouldn't even attempt an oven job on lights that new, if it was an old ford escort maybe :eek:
lol trying to avoid a £1,500 bill for a new one!
How much is a second hand unit? Not forgetting you need the correct light controller and then coding to match your vehicle

Is glass even available to buy on its own?
I had the lens offered from china at £199 and a video showing it being changed.

If I could get a second hand unit, my plan is to swap all the units over so it shouldn't need any codeing etc.
I am still trying with the dealer as to me and others, its cracked because either its faulty, no outside signs of impact and cracks are not connected together in the same place. Plus it was fine when it was dropped off at the dealer as we inspected it (My self and dealer). Then it was returned back to me where I drove it 8 miles home, parked up on the Tuesday and not touched until the Saturday when I went to wash it and saw the fracture cracks.

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