Headlamps / Horn issue


Feb 28, 2011
Volvo c70 T5 / BMW 316Sport
I think I need some help please.

A few days ago the horn on my 2007 w245 decided to stop working and today as I left the carpark I had the right dipped headlamp warning light show so I took them off 'auto' onto sidelights and drove home. On arrival home I switched the dipped lights on in front of the garage and the left light came on and then quickly went off. This time the dash showed no warning other than the usual little green headlamp picture.

I'm wondering if I'm blowing fuses or it's something unrelated. Does one bulb being out blow the other? Or is it likely to need a pair of bulbs and a fuse too?

Equally, is the horn likely to be a fuse or anything else?

It's due it's C Service in 14 days but I can't wait out getting the lights back on.

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