Headlight ballast

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Amg 007

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Dec 25, 2015
Hi guys
I need to change one headlight ballast on one side due to faulty drl, w212 facelift e63 are replacement ballast on eBay plug & play as long as all part no are the same or will it need coding thanks.
Seeing those words Headlight Ballast together just made me chuckle.
Back in the day an old Mk1 Escort van I had at the time failed it's MoT on headlamp alignment one side. I was waiting during the test and was shown that an adjuster had somehow dropped out of one headlamp support allowing the sealed beam headlamp on that side to go in by almost half an inch. To the MoT testers amusement I walked up the road to where some builders were working, grabbed a couple of stones and wedged them behind the headlight. No retest necessary.

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