Headlight wiper dripping water

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KLP 92

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Nov 28, 2003
Mercedes S600, SL600, C250TD
I have just retrofitted Xenon lights onto my SL600. I swapped the lights from a 2001 SL into mine which was a relatively straight forward job. While i was there i saw that the 2001 model had a different design of wiper to mine. So i changed over the wipers as well.
Was just going to take a picture to show my new Xenon lights to every but noticed a large puddle under the car. Out of the washer jet holes for the headlights on the wiper, water is dripping out.
The problem only started after changing the wiper, it was fine first. The other side is not leaking and both wipers were not leaking on the other side. I am a bit puzzled as to why its leaking? Any ideas?

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