Heads Up on Rear Air Suspension

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Apr 26, 2015
Derbyshire, High Peak
Viano ex long, 651 2014. S211 646 2009 (till the Gov't drones blow 'em off the road)
The Viano, like a fair few models, has he rear air bags.

Yesterday I reversed into a parking space. A stoney car park at the top of Macclesfield Forest.
Walked with doggy for an hour or so, and returned to leave.
A chap in a VW van was waiting to recycle the parking space.

A Viano rear wheel just span. he back end was on a raised area, and had reduced traction to the wheel.
There was no indication of wedging the back end while parking.
So 4 bods pushed me forward, with a branch under the wheel.
When moving the van told me the rear suspension was low, as it pumped it up.

So while walking the rear suspension had 'settled', and then I was stuck.
Had I realised I might have raised the rear suspension on the buttons, or just waited for the compressor to do its thing.
Anyway it's something I will be aware of in future.

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