Heated Washer Jets? - 2013 C250CDI Auto AMG Sport Plus Auto Coupe

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Jan 14, 2013
Mercedes C Class 250CDI AMG Sport Plus Auto
Hi All

I am taking delivery of my new C250CDI Coupe AMG Sport Plus Auto in the middle or March but I have a quick question about the washer jets.

Are they heated as standard? I noticed there was an option for Heated Windscreen washer system? I was a little confused, as paying £36500 for a car which doesn't have heated washers seems ridiculous!

Any help/guidance is appreciated.

Have you downloaded the brochure? The standard/options for each trim spec are usually very clear in it?
Washer jets are heated. The option that costs extra is for the washer bottle to be heated. Mine have not frozen this winter. Yet.
Yes, but it doesn't tell you. it mentions the extra heated washer system, but I don't know what that is.
Cool thanks. I'm kind of regretting not adding the interior light package, but I guess its not like the ambient lighting in the new e class.

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