Heater W208 odd things happening

Discussion in 'Engine' started by DCStubbs, Apr 10, 2014.

  1. DCStubbs

    DCStubbs Active Member

    Aug 10, 2012
    CLK320 Cab
    W208 CLK 320.

    Passenger side heating is fine heats up or goes cold as you move the selector from cold through to hot etc.

    Drivers side heating is a mystery, was OK but then started giving no heat to the footwell.

    Generally I keep the heating low or off and when I restart the engine I get a blast of full heat for a few minutes then it cools down again.

    If I turn the heat up it does not respond even on full then after 10 or 15 minutes it heats up the after a couple of minutes goes cold then another couple of minutes and hot again and just keeps cycling, footwell stops cold no matter what.

    Anybody any ideas?


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