Heavy Steering

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Sep 11, 2007
C220 CDI Black
I drove another c class a few days ago and the steering was so light compared to mine i now believe a there must be a fault with mine. I have checked the power steering fluid levels (both while warm and cold) and they are fine.

Any other things i should check or ways i can fix this?
Did the other car have the same size tyres?

Are your tyre pressures OK?
Yes and Yes.

I was reading on here that someone replaced the alternator pulley and that rectified the problem with heavy steering.

I have just replaced my Aux drive belt which seemed to be fraying on one side because of the alternator pulley. Would this cause a problem with the steering?
If the belt also drives the PAS pump and is slipping, then potentially yes. But you'd surely have noticed the heavier steering straight after you changed the belt if that was the cause.

What C class you got?

I had a 53 plate c180k classic, bought when she was just under a yearold & about 11k on the clock - I've had Audis, Ford & GM with pas, all a lot lghter.
I was loned by MB the face-lifted w203, steering a lot lighter.

Recently bought a 2007 Avantgarde c180k se - as exepcted, the steering is a lot lighter - took me a day t get used to it, as I'd had the other car ust shor of 4 year, but really easy to take tight turns in the car park

so has your steering always been heavy?
i had the power steering pump replaced when mine got heavy and it cured it.
Looks like im just gonna replace the pump, how much are one of these?

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