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May 6, 2009
Near Oxford, UK
A160 Petrol/Auto/2001
Hi guys! :bannana:

As you can see I registered in May 2009 when I started researching Vitos/Vianos as a replacement for my Grand Espace. :) That never materialised as I couldn't really justify the money for the spec that I wanted. :doh: Either way, we've now changed motorbikes and these won't fit into a "normal van", so there's no point in a large car/van. :D
I started looking for a smaller car and I quickly realised that I didn't want a small-small-car. The ride in the Espace is very comfortable... :eek:
So out there you can't find many cars that are small/compact but provide a luxurious feeling on the inside.... except for the A-Class. :rock: You know, aircon, cruise control, decent sound, automatic, etc, etc. The sofa stuff. :thumb:
I started researching, big thanks to Lofty's homepage! WOW! :rock: :bannana: and I came to the conclusion that most of the stuff that go wrong on the A-Class I can fix myself or, at least it can be fixed. I was worried about the auto boxes too. :eek: :eek: but I thought that it'll be OK. :rolleyes: I started my hunt for a cheapo A190, as the A210 seem rare as hens teeth, and expensive to tax/run too. I went and looked at one in Birmingham, and it was dire! Rattle can painted bonnet, etc. Stay away! :mad:
The 2nd on the list was a silver A160 with 74k on the clocks. When I saw it, it was in such a good condition that I couldn't leave it there. Too good to miss.

So now I have a Silver 2001/51 A160 auto, with aircon, cruise control, cd-changer, in very good condition. There's a receipt for a £2000 gearbox rebuild and all seem pretty good on it. I'm going to start going through the car looking for all the flaws that are outlined on Lofty's Homepage. You know, springs, link arms, MAFs, etc, etc. :bannana: Hopefully I can give the car enough TLC to be a nice and reliable run-around.

The same day as I bought my A-Class my partner bought a 2005 Seat Ibiza 1.9 diesel, and whilst it drives quite nicely, it's bumpy and noisy... the A-Class is quiet, comfortable and relaxing to drive. Sweet! :rock: :bannana: :thumb:

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