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Nov 25, 2023
W221 S550
Hello All

Purchased a 2007 W221 S550 back in July and within a couple of weeks I was having gear select issues on my 7G auto box. This is being sorted out via warranty to get Conductor Plate fixed. Would have purchased a new one via MB but there are nightmare lead times for this part.

I am also getting all four Cam Solenoids replaced.

Sods law that just after the warranty expires I notice that two of the four cam sensors have oil in the connectors but the oil in the harness has not reached other vulnerable parts as no errors showing and connectors on other parts of the wiring harness, including the ECU are dry.

To prevent this from getting any worse I want to purchase and replace all of the cam sensors plus the sacrificial 'pigtails' that can be be inserted between the harness and the cam sensors.

I have read that FCP Euro do a kit but they are based in the US.

My query is, if you would be so kind to advise on, is there an equivalent of FCP Euro in Europe / UK that I can purchase the cam sensors and 'pigtails' or is it better to purchase from FCP Euro in the US.

Your help / advise would be much appreciated.



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