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Sep 18, 2022
420 SEL W126
Hi, I'm Dermot, based in London normally but working in Saudi Arabia for the last few years.

I have a 1991 420SEL W126 now, which I am in the process of recommissioning with my mechanic friend.

I had a rare 1988 560SE W126 in the past for about 5 years (the best car I ever had and the one I most regret selling) and an ex-James Bond movie baddy's 1986 420SE W126 from the car chase scene in Tomorrow Never Dies, which was a really great car too and which I also used as a daily driver for about 3 years.

Before them, I had a 1979 W116 280SE. which was my daily driver for about another 5 years.

I love these cars and old Mercs generally. Great to be here on this amazing site.

Greetings Dermot and welcome to the group - I love the SEL range, the 560 is certainly a car that i would love to own, but would certainly be very happy with your current model:cool:
Welcome, Dermot! I like the oldies too. You've had some lovely ones.

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