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May 11, 2023
S213 E220d
Hello folks! New member, only a few dats ago we swapped to a 21-reg S213 E220d (Night Edition Premium+, in black - my detailer hates me now). I did have to give up ventilated seats and distance-aware cruise control and a few other handy features on my previous Sorento because the Driving Assistance package seems to be nigh-on-impossible to come by unless you wait for a factory order or a unicorn, but... it's still a tasty vehicle, and a very nice place to be in. No photos yet, I'm going to wait for its first proper valet before I take a few.

I'm getting a tracker & immobiliser installed as insurance pretty much mandated it in order to give me a non-outrageous premium. That's being done as a whole package.

I'm also looking to get a front & rear dashcam installed - currently leaning towards a Viofo A139 Pro (2 channel, with rear window cam), and this is where the questions arise.
I'm asking installers as well, but does anyone know which fuses would be best suited for hard-wiring a dashcam in this vehicle?
I'm also going to ask the tracker/immobiliser installer if that's something they'd be willing to add on for a reasonable fee...

Thank you in advance!
Welcome :)

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