Hello everyone

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Sep 18, 2019
W204 C Class C250 CDI Amg Line
Hi there.

I joined this forum in 2019 but this is my first ever post.

I drive a 2014 C Class C250 CDI AMG Line in silver.

It's my first ever Mercedes and I have owned it since Feb 2018.

I love it and took it on a German road trip last year from Rotterdam all the way to Munich then worked our way back up North over 2 weeks.

Looking to potentially change car in the next year or so. Leaning towards a petrol as my mileage has really dropped due to now working from home more because of covid. If someone can point me in the right direction to ask that'd be great.
anyone recommend Mercedes C Class 2018 2.0 C300 AMG Line (Premium) G-Tronic?
Hi, welcome, no experience of that model but my neighbours have an estate version and have been very pleased with it . Am sure you will get some more expert advice on what to look out for if buying
Hi there and welcome to the group - I too have no experience of that particular model ..... it is nice though!

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