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Oct 9, 2023
GLC 250D 2019

I'm new to this forum.
Its week 2 of ownership of a new to me 2019 GLC 250D AMG Line Night edition.20231007_115333.jpg
It's not my first Mercedes as back in the day, I had an early A-Class but more recently a classic W123 230 E(should not have let it go)

I've just moved on from 6yrs of ownership of a Volvo XC70 which despite being a 2015MY was very analogue with tactile ergonomics/controls - which for me as someone who only has a wind up watch suited quite well.
So I'm still working my way through the various functions and find something new each journey. Still a bit confused by some elements to be honest 😂.

The car will be main dealer serviced but there will be bits I do myself. Will be looking for a diagnostic system to keep on top of things
(I've just sold my Volvo Vida & Dice set up).
At point of sale it had to have a new downstream NOX sensor so I'd like to be able to occasionally monitor what's going on.

I need a towbar next, so any recommendations from forum users who have one fitted, especially in the Derbyshire/South Yorkshire area, will be gratefully received.
Hello and welcome
Welcome :)

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