Hello. MB newbie with C63 on order.

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Mar 2, 2012
Warwickshire, UK
C63 AMG Estate
Hello and greetings to all,

I’ve already posted on here a few times, and have now been lurking without an official introduction for the sum total of 3 or so weeks. As such, I feel it prudent I got off my backside and wrote a little intro. However as it’ll be such a long one, I’ll start with a shortened summary intro:

Short intro
Hello, I’m new. Always been a BMW man. Things change. Have ordered a C63 AMG. It’s a lease (sorry). Hope to get it late June. The end.

Loooooonnnng intro
There’s no point beating around the bush; I’ve always been a BMW man. This was something that I acquired from my Father, who’d always had a thing for them, and finally purchased his first (E30 318i coupe) way back in 1992 when I was a mere 12 years old. All successive cars of his were BMWs, each time going up in power and performance.

Fast forward till I was 21, living in the US (only for a year), and in need of a car. Well, it’d be rude not to! So there I was, having bought my first BMW (E36 325i coupe with an LSD) and…I loved it! My two previous cars had been a 1982 Mini 1.0L, followed by a 1987 Peugeot 205 GTi 1.9 (great car!), but this was a big step-up for me.

Moving on, and in chronological order, and also having returned to the UK, I was now working my way through successive BMWs (E30 325i touring, E87 BMW 130i M-Sport, S50 Z3 M-Coupe), with the odd hiccup in the middle (Skoda Fabia vRS). Then came my first BMW downgrade…an E46 330i Sport (my current car). A downgrade? Well I am just coming to the end of a 2 year contract out in Austria and needed 4 seats, a bigger boot and the ability to carry skis and what not, hence the selling of my beloved Z3M and move to the 330i. In fairness, it’s a pretty good car (more so now that I’ve sorted the various niggles), but it just doesn’t really excite me day-to-day.

As I’ll be returning to the UK in a few weeks, and as agreed with Mrs G prior to the beginning of our Austrian adventure, return payment for downgrading to the 330i means I can start looking at something new. BMW is my natural progression but…but…WTF are BMW up to these days?! In my eyes, they’ve lost their driver focus and their quality status. A few months ago, whilst back for a brief visit in the UK, I went into the local dealers and sat myself in £60k worth of M3. In all honesty it felt more like a £25k car inside. It was dated and, quite frankly, shoddy looking. The design and materials in my current 330i felt and looked better. And this is all before we start talking about the design of some of the other models, ‘BMW brings Joy’ and all that other guff.

Maybe it’s BMW changing, maybe it’s me. Either way, it’s time for a change. What else is there? Audi – no thanks, I like to enjoy my driving. Volvo – a definite possibility but I’d need a Caterham as a 2nd car to get any form of driving thrills. Mercedes – well I’d never considered a Merc before, however 2 things sparked my interest:

  • Back in 2010, whilst still being based in Austria, I had flown back to the UK for a weekend. This was when that pesky Icelandic volcano decided to play havoc with things and ground all flights. Myself and 3 colleagues needed to get back to Austria, an almost exact 1000 mile trip, ASAP so were forced to hire a car. We went for a Mondeo-sized vehicle and were given a C200 CGI (I think). Only 2 of us were insured to drive it and neither of us had any real MB experience. Anyway, never mind that, we had 1000 miles to do in a day. And, did we make it? Of course we did…and all 4 of us were rather surprised with how effortlessly and comfortably the MB made the journey. I was also extremely impressed with the way it drove, in particular the steering, punchy performance (I had a GPS-indicated 239km/h or 149mph in real money) and exceptional build quality (v. important to me). On the whole trip there way not one squeak nor rattle, and trust me on this one, I was listening out for them. Most impressive.
  • And the second is the current lease deals. Yes, yes, I know. If I have to finance a car, then I can’t afford it etc etc. However, and in relation to both my work and lifestyle, this method of driving a car very much suits me. And there’s no beating about the bush; running a C63 AMG for 2 years at what I consider to be a very reasonable outlay was almost a foregone conclusion. I pondered and pontificated and then slapped myself about the chops and asked the 3 most important questions:
1: Can I afford it? Yes.
2: Do I want it? YES YES YES.
3: Would I regret not getting it at a point in the future? Yes, I believe so. This last point being of great significance to me.

So there we have it. I have ordered a C63 Wagon in palladium silver with the designo two-tone red/black interior. It’s through a lease company rather than MB, so let’s see how that pans out. I have a constant niggling fear that they’ll be unable to source a car or something, but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. I’ve been told late June for delivery (I ordered 2 weeks ago) so fingers crossed.

In the meantime, I’m back in the UK in a couple of weeks so will aim to head down to my local MB dealership and actually sit in a car to see what it is I’ve ordered.

Apologies again for the mega life story drivel.

Welcome. I read the short intro.:D

My late sister in law used to do that in reply to a text question she would say Ciaran's answer...yes, Ruth's answer...and then four pages later she would finish.
Hi and welcome to the forum
Hey welcome to the forum. I loved your introduction! Hope you get your car soon.
Hi welcome awesome choice of wagon - you will love it.
Hello and welcome to the forum.

(I read both introductions);)
In short

welcome to benz brutality

i could use a tank of fuel quicker than read that intro !
Welcome to the Forum :thumb:
Did I just read that correctly (I was mostly skim reading due to the extreme length of the post). You're planning on officially borrowing a very expensive car, but you haven't test driven it yet? Good man! :D

I've test driven the C63Amg and own the C55 amg and can say they are awesome cars, you will not be disappointed.
You're planning on officially borrowing a very expensive car, but you haven't test driven it yet?

Erm....Yep!! :crazy:

I've test driven the C63Amg and own the C55 amg and can say they are awesome cars, you will not be disappointed.

I've done a fair bit of research and this quote summarises what the majority say. I hope to be part of that majority. :D

And on a final note, thanks to all for the welcome(s) :thumb:
Hi,welcome to the forum:thumb:
Welcome my friend! Drove down to Twickenham at the weekend in a C63...I was amazed, it felt great and sounded even better. As we were driving outside the ground, everyone was looking at us, most likely thinking the bloke driving must be having a mid life crisis (not me by the way). But anyway great choice!
I am also expecting in late June, hope there aren't any delays!
So there we have it. I have ordered a C63 Wagon in palladium silver with the designo two-tone red/black interior. It’s through a lease company rather than MB, so let’s see how that pans out. I have a constant niggling fear that they’ll be unable to source a car or something, but I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. I’ve been told late June for delivery (I ordered 2 weeks ago) so fingers crossed.

Just to keep this up to date, unfortunately my initial concerns regarding the lease company proved to be valid. It made for frustrating reading of all the other forum members who'd ordered C63s around the same time and we're getting constant updates from their dealers/brokers, yet I was having to chase and chase with the answer always being 'no news'.

I'd ordered the car on the 7th March, yet by early May I still didn't have a confirmed build or delivery date. I again chased the lease company who told me we'd have a build date by the end of the week. The end of the week came and I'd heard nothing. I decided to leave it a full week to see if I'd hear anything more. Did I? No.

So 7 days later I called them again and was more persistent that in my view I should at least have a build date. This was now early May with the car supposed to be delivered (initially agreed estimate when I placed the order) in mid-June. The broker called me back to inform that they now had a build date...late August :wallbash: with a late September delivery :wallbash: :wallbash:. I don't know whether they'd initially forgotten to order the car or whether MB had just bumped my order to the bottom. Either way it was not good news and my confidence in the broker hit rock bottom.

During these last few weeks before I got my 'revised' build date news, I'd decided to get myself to the local dealerships to test drive a C63 or at the very least sit in one. My 2 local dealers were both totally useless; the first never bothered to call me back. The second repeatedly tried to get a car for me to drive, but failed each time. His final call to me was to say we could drive a C63 coupe (I'd specifically wanted to try either a saloon or estate due to the seats), but only on a Monday (I'd told him I could only do Fridays or the weekend) and only if he met me at the Oxford dealership as that's where the car was.

The solution was simple. Cut the middle man out of the equation and just go down to MB Oxford myself. So, after checking that they had some C63s in stock, the Mrs and I set off down there to have a look see. Upon arrival we couldn't see anything of interest in the used area, however inside the showroom was a lovely new C63 wagon. Perfect!

We spent a good 30 minutes playing around with the seats, checking storage space, checking practicality of the boot etc which was ideal. I'd been approached by a salesman early on, but told him we were just looking. Anyway, after the 30 minutes I hung around the car in the hope that Mr Salesman would pop over. Sure enough he did and I asked him about the 3 buttons on the in-board bolster. All of 2 seconds later he was brandishing the keys and fired it straight up in the showroom :)D) before explaining the functions and what not.

We spent a good 10 minutes discussing the car and then went to his desk to discuss money. He was totally up front and honest, didn't try to push anything and just gave me the facts. He suggested I should definitely drive a car and to let him know when I was free so that he could arrange a test drive. We ended it there with me feeling a touch guilty as, although I really wanted to test drive a car, I already had my order in with the lease company and had no intentions of buying direct from MB. The wife on the other hand was very impressed with the whole shebang and was fully behind me cancelling my order with the lease company and ordering from MB. As she said "at least you can guarantee actually getting a car".

So during the next week I exchanged a few emails with the Salesman, all of which were answered promptly, professionally and courteously (a refreshing change). We arranged to come down again the following weekend and go for a drive.

The next weekend came and the car was ready and waiting for us. The test drive was great as it encompassed all manor of roads from A and B roads, onto the Motorway and then through town. All in all it was a good 30 miles and took almost an hour. Very thorough! We got back and discussed options, again with the Salesman being very candid about what options were worthwhile in his opinion and what were good for resale etc. I told him I'd be in touch. Later that day (a Sunday) I had a few further questions and called the dealership. "Yes hi, is Mr X available?". "No sorry, he's not in today" replied the receptionist. "Erm, well that's odd as I was with him earlier!" I replied. "Oh, today is his day off and he just came in for your test drive". I was genuinely :eek: but also extremely impressed.

The following 2 weeks I must have sent him in the region of 20 emails (I bet he loved me...) with all sorts of questions, yet he was always happy to reply, even telling me I could call him on his days off if I had any further questions. Great service!

Anyway, the order has been placed with MB Oxford. I cannot fault the service I've been given thus far and would whole heartedly recommend them as a dealership. The latest news is that the car is due to them in early October, but they're hopeful to get it a few weeks earlier. Fingers crossed :)
Great to hear you found a good MB dealership in the end, they're quite rare now! And congratulations on your order, cutting out middlemen like other lease companies is always good too

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