Hello newbie need thoughts on this E55?

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No; I think the one I really should have kept was the silver E500. The S211 just looks so good in silver, and that one had 86K miles when I sold it, no rust, everything worked (except the cheapo-cheapo Chinese aftermarket head unit); replace the head unit and there were years of cheap, reliable, enjoyable driving left in that car.
Leave the 6k offer on the table. He may come back to you. Never know.

Check they ain’t burning oil (hammer it hard / look for smoke) some of these M113K engines despite how bomb proof they are do burn oil and can be a bigger issue.

I’ve seen CLS55 go for around 7.5-8.5k with that mileage if keep eyes open, if a E55 only then I’ve seen someone on the forum sell one in the past at around 6-7k
It is a lovely colour, good spec and late model, and on paper, a part from mileage seems a reasonable deal. However what you have mentioned about the test drive, and also the fact it has been reduced so quickly (now £7k starting bid on ebay, was £8k buy it now the other day and £10k on Facebook) I would be nervous.

In the UK the tattiest functioning E55's don't seem to drop much below £6k, or a good nick one with even 180/200k miles the same. A highish mileage but good condition one would be worth £7k IMO, and if you like the rare colour and high spec quite possibly towards £8k (as definitley is rare in the UK - I love it!). However I would be nervous of this one for the reasons mentioned before.

If you aren't fussed by Red, I wouldn't consider it - there are better out there!

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