Help? Anyone Know Correct Part Number for W168 A class Accelerator Pedal Mod?


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Jan 19, 2003
C37, Evo, S124, Hartge H5
Does any one know the correct part number for the W168 Accelerator Official MBclub peddle mod.? W168 is not listed on the original official link.

Part number I have is: A168 300 0082, but it is for a LHD W168 and the cut out for the accelerator arm/linkage is on the left hand side instead of the right hand side?

I checked with a dealer a while back and he said the only part number that comes up is the one above. This included checking the A210.

Unfortunately even if you cut the rubber on the right hand side you are left with nothing holding the rubber to the top of the pedal so it’s not ideal.

Any advice would be appreciated?

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