Help! Dashboard fault lights, no electronics c class 2012


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Jul 4, 2017
C Class 2012

I am after some advice as to what the problem might be and some alternative solutions as I just know the dealer will charge a small fortune!

The problem seem to occur in the mornings, but once it starts, the car works fine until the next morning. Basically, when I turn the key, all manner of fault lights appear on the dashboard. The key turns and the car starts alright, but nothing, from the power steering to the indicators seem to work. Turning the ignition on and off a few times used to work and after a few tries, the radio came on, the wipers worked and all were fine for the day. It has since become unmanageable as it now takes up to 15 min to work, so I have booked it in the dealers to locate the fault.

I’ve recorded a clip and uploaded it to youtube showing what happens when I turn the key. See here:

The car is a 2012 C220 diesel if it is of help.

I thank you I advance!


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Nov 16, 2014
E250 coupe
Hans something really similar on a courtesy car. It would start but wouldn't go into gear sometimes, power steering wouldn't assistance for sent sim work, was getting lots of similar messages such as airbags inoperative, without changing gear consult workshop, pre-safe inoperative etc.

Turns out it was the reversing camera tripping something which was causing all these electical faults and it was out of stock everywhere, took something like a month to source the part, I was given another one in the mean time and didn't get this back but I'm assuming it fixed it.

That also happened randomly one evening when the car was parked

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