Help getting money back from Prestige All Parts Ltd

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Jun 5, 2013
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Hello all

Might be a bit of a long winded one this, but have been having some serious problems with these cowboys and short of going around there with a van full of lads im not too sure what else to do.

But basically, ordered and paid for an engine on Thursday 15/10/2015. Was to be delivered for Tuesday 20/10/2015, 5 days later.

The engine never arrived and despite calling every day i was given another excuse about the courier having trouble with it, this was over a course of 3 weeks. On 05/11/2015 i called and got told that the couriers had "dropped" the engine :eek:

So i asked for a refund and immediately the guy hesitated and started humming and harring, eventually having to speak to his manager. I was quite annoyed at this fact as in the previous 3 weeks of messing me around he never once had to speak to his manager. But eventually 3 calls later they said they would refund me which takes 3-5 working days.

6 working days later iv just had another excuse that it wasnt processed properly and now requires another 5 working days :mad:

Iv heard just about every excuse under the sun, i am only ever able to speak to the one muppet who sold me the engine, i can never get through to the manager or the supervisor there and i know this is just another in the latest line of excuses that will mean i dont get my money back.

Its no small amount either, so whats the best way to do this, having never done it before?
I paid via debit card, which i know doesnt provide as much protection as a credit card but is there anything they might be able to do?
If it's a VISA debit you paid with I'm reasonably sure you still get cover under section 75 and can ask your bank to instigate a chargeback.
It was a Maestro card.

Not know if they provide the same level of protection.
It's really very easy to get a refund from Prestige All Parts - just do this:

Setup a Moneyclaim ready to go, phone them and tell them that it's ready and, unless you get a refund within 48 hours, you'll push the button

Nick Froome
Sorry for the ignorance Nick, but whats a Moneyclaim and how do i set one up?
If your bank cannot do the chargeback, I'd pay them a visit and produce your card. They should be able to process the refund with their chip and pin machine. If they refuse, then go down the Moneyclaim route. Lads in he van is an option for a later date though :D
Good luck getting your refund.
This company are a bunch of cowboys. Would never go near them ever again after my one dealing with them.
Leeds is only 30 minutes down the road from Oldham, it's amazing how quick people change once you're stood in front of them as opposed to at the end of a phone line or email.
About 18 months or so ago I was browsing ebay & spotted an MB part for sale by Prestige Allparts in Prestige Allparts listings that was seriously underpriced, by a factor of about 10.

I clicked Buy It Now, paid & was waiting for my part when the next day the manager & chief ****wit, David, from Prestige Allparts called & said "Very sorry, we made a mistake & left off a zero, would you agree to letting us cancel the sale?" I said "no" but after thinking about it called back & said "I'll make you a deal. I actually need a couple of body parts for a 124 estate much more than I need this part so I will agree to rescind the transaction (which would have lost them low 3 figures profit) if you promise to sell me these two 124 parts at a very keen price when you have them in."

"Oh, absolutely, thanks very much. I'll personally keep your name & number on my desk, keep a watchful eye out & update you regularly. I won't forget."

Didn't hear anything for a while so started to email & then call. Strangely, David was never available.

Anyone care to guess how many of my emails have been replied to or phone calls have been returned once the period for leaving feedback had expired?
Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act applies only to credit cards and not to debit cards or charge cards (where all charges must be settled at the end of the month).
It's possible that you may be able to use the chargeback scheme instead to get some or all of your money back.
Unlike Section 75 claims, this is a voluntary scheme operated by Visa and MasterCard that covers Maestro, Visa and Visa Electron debit cards. So unlike Section 75 it is not a legal requirement.
However, the Financial Ombudsman Service has stated that chargeback is deemed to be good banking practice.
If you want to make a claim on this scheme, you must do this within 120 days of buying the goods or services. Ask your bank for details of how to apply under the scheme.
Start the van.

My brother is very eager to go over there at weekend and hear their excuses face to face.

But iv sent off a recorded letter today outlining what has happened so far, what needs to be done to rectify the problem and if not sorted within 10 days i will go through the Moneyclaim/courts route.

Im not holding my breath on this, but when something happens at a later date il be satisfied i gave them more than enough chances.
So glad i came across this post .and for all the post on these people that put me in the frame .I sent these an email yesterday for a pair of wings .Realy lucky i can now cross them from my list these people wont last long the way they are trading....Thank you ..
Is this the shower who featured on Watchdog ( or one of the other consumer programmes ) ?

The one I'm thinking of were taking good money and ripping people off with essentially scrap engines ; they had moved from one set of premises to another across the road , operating under another name , but it was the same people .
Is this the shower who featured on Watchdog ( or one of the other consumer programmes ) ?

The one I'm thinking of were taking good money and ripping people off with essentially scrap engines ; they had moved from one set of premises to another across the road , operating under another name , but it was the same people .

I never seen them on telly before, but it wouldnt surprise me in the least if they had been featured.

The surprising thing is that they are specialist Merc breakers directly accross the road from another specialist Merc breakers, Dronsfield. And i mean literally across the road. I dont know if the 2 are related in any way but it seems awfully suspicious.

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