Help identifying a part ?

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Aug 10, 2014
2004 Mercedes E55 AMG W211 m113k
Can anyone help me, I need to replace the two pipes in the picture but I don't know the name of them. Does anyone else or even better a part number ? :dk:


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So after finding this diagram I've figured out they are the oil cooler hoses. I've spoken to Mercedes and i can buy just the hoses ( £300 :eek: ) So does anyone know if i could change the hoses without draining the fluids ? As I'm pretty sure it only circulates when the engine is running. Thanks in advance


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As you say it only circulates when the engine is running however all the associated units and pipework will be filled with oil which will drain/leak out anyway despite your best efforts. Its an engine oil drain down job - followed I suggest, by drain of the oil cooler circuit via the lower oil radiator connection - if you can get it off!
So you suggest an engine oil and oil cooler drain ? You don't have a link to a guide on draining the oil cooler by any chance ?
Fraid not but it would appear some models [ the early ones ?] have two coolers with different pipework from your drawing---- best to check by visual inspection or by chassis number with the dealer. If the lower connection is the same type as on the oil filter housing it will be an o ring seal secured by a small flange +bolt and spigot that fits into a cylindrical recess in the oil cooler and should be easy to remove. It may be like the captive nut connection at the top however and sometimes these can be a problem if there's galvanic corrosion between the coupling [ steel] and the body of the cooler [alloy] This may require carefull handling as its very easy to strip the threads if apply too much torque to loosen it off.
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Mercedes went by my Reg so hopefully it will be the right one. Part no 211-500-02-75. Guess i will have to get my hands dirty again:bannana:
Thanks for the replies mate :thumb:

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