Help Need with TV tuner programing

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Feb 21, 2004
Hi Guys

I have installed the tv tuner into my clk, it works fine in the sense av1 plays great and the tv picture when tuning is great.

However once stored and i try and go into the tv channle you get sound and no pic, i get a tv with a cross through it indercating no signal however it works fine when tuning in and through av1 can anyone advise.


Hi Neil,

Have you checked that the channels that have been scaned in actually got stored in the memory.

I seem to recall something similar when I set mine up.
I have trie dwith no joy, i tune it in go back to normal screen and i just get a black screen with sound, however when i go inot fine tuning it still show the picture fine

Its really weird

Please can someone help, I have spent the hole day tring different tuning etc, it will not display anything except the av channels and when in tuning mode for the tv, when i save and go back to normal screen the picture is not there just a black screen with the tv programs sound only.

I dont think its cabling issue as i wouldnt have anything at all, I went into comand diagnostics via fm, mute 1&2 and it doesnt show the tv tuner as being ticked is this the issue?

ANY HELP would be great as im really stuck and its starting to depress me.



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