Help Needed. Audio 20 identification and Aux issue

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Jan 28, 2020
Widnes, UK
2010 E350 S212
Hello everyone. Just got my 2010 E350 estate (S212) and wanted to use the aux input in the glovebox but i get no sound on any devices i try.

Here are some pictures of my head unit and some of the menus. If anyone knows what could be the issue with the no sound from the aux and also what NTG version it is. I suspect it is NTG4 from my 2 days of googling but none of the online pictures or videos look like mine.

The car has Navigation 20 (560) in the vin decoder and Radio Audio 20 (523)

Thank you in advance

IMG_20200128_163943.jpg IMG_20200128_164010.jpg IMG_20200128_164031.jpg IMG_20200128_164039.jpg IMG_20200128_164057.jpg IMG_20200128_164107.jpg
Have you tried increasing the volume on the unit and on the media player you want use? Aux volume has to be increased a lot in order to hear anything
And, yes, thats a NTG4 Audio-20 made by Panasonic.
Ok so an update. Pulled the radio out and behind it there is what appears to be an adapter cable disconnected which has looms running to the glovebox. When I connect it using this, the radio doesn't power up. This cable is factory fittedIMG-20200129-WA0009.jpg
Thats not factory fitted. Its the cable for the Navigation 20. Its an "insert" harness that one end plugs into factory loom (that was plugged into the head unit), and the other goes into the head-unit. You have to move any fibre optic connection across (if car has one) so it remains in the connector that connects to the head-unit.

I suspect the NAV-20 is bust. Parts are mostly un-available for them. Probably want to consider a COMAND retrofit if you want navigation. Speak to Alfie at

Show us a pic of the AUX socket.


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