Help on a couple of things needed please - going mad !!


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Feb 15, 2015
1999 E240 Elegance
Please can someone help me out with a couple of things before I go stark raving mad ?!

I have just got a 1999 E240 Elegance and a cope of things are driving me potty - firstly, when I lock it the passenger side rear internal reading light comes on !! The only way of getting it to go off is to unlock the car and open the back door and turn it off manually - it then stays off until the next time I drive it.
And ..... where would be the most common place to site the 'brain' of a Parrot CK3100 system ? I have the microphone in place, my phone picks it up and allows the satnav app to broadcast through it but I have no screen. I have bought one and can't find the actual 'brain' bit to connect it to. I have checked under the glove box but cant find the little sod anywhere - could it be hiding behind the CD player ?
Any help gratefully received - Thanks in advance.

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