Help trying to find correct W213 2017 E43 19" alloy details to downsize from 20"

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Dec 31, 2009
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I wonder if anyone has nay knowledge of doing this already and might know as struggling to find the correct 19" alloys or MB part number.

I bought a 2017 W123 E43 Estate recently and the rear tyres are illegal as supplied. Long story and still working through issues with the supplying dealer! Also the alloys need a refurb and the front tyres are low anyway. As I find the 20's and 275/30/20 & 245/35/20 combination a little harsh I'd like to downgrade the 20's to 19's if I can. So drop from the 20's to a 19 and then go 275/35/19 and 245/40/19 tyres so will give me an inch less alloy and 5mm extra tyre that might just take a little of the harshness off the 20's.

Anyone had the same issue and done the same thing and been happy with the results?

I thought the E43 as standard came with 19's and the 20's were an option so thought this would be straight forward. I found and downloaded the 2017 W213 brochure and it details these as attached.

From what I can see the 20’s currently are:
Front - 8J 20 inch ET20 with 245/35/20 tyres
Rear - 9J 20 inch ET49 with 275/30/20 tyres
E43 AMG 20-inch alloy-wheel-set Mercedes-Benz E-Class W213 5-twin-spoke grey

Then the 19’s are:
Front - 8J 20 inch ET20 with 245/40/19 tyres
Rear - 9J 20 inch ET49 with 275/35/19 tyres

I found these that look the same alloy but think they might be a different offset:

They are part numbers A2134012000, A2134012100 but seem like a 49/43 offset not a 49/20 that the W213 or E43 seems to need.

Is anyone looking to upgrade their 19's to 20's and wanted to swap? Or does anyone know the correct part code for the E43 19's please? I asked my local MB dealer but they are telling me they can't see the 19's on their for the W213 E43

Thanks in advanced ;)


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Thanks for that.
Just found them on the MB Accessories site I think so not sure why the aren't coming up on the dealer parts system.

However, I put my VRN on the MB site system and it says they are not compatible!
After much research all becomes clear. The E43/E53 shipped as standard with 19" Twin 5-Spoke AMG Alloys. They are staggered but also a different offset at the front and different to the 19" Twin 5-Spoke AMG alloys on non-AMG models. Both AMG and non-AMG models seem to be 9J ET49 on the rear. However, on the front the non-AMG models are ET43 but the AMG models are ET20

So the 19" AMG variants are:
Front axle: 8J x 19 ET20
Item number: A21340138007X23
Front Tyres: 245/40/19
Rear Axle: 9J x 19 ET49
Rear Tyres: 275/35/19
Item number: A21340121007X23

Then there was an option on the E43 to specify the 20" alloys which are:
Front axle: 8J x 20 ET20
Item number: A21340120007X23
Front Tyres: 245/35/20
Rear Axle: 9J x 20 ET49
Rear Tyres: 275/30/20
Item number: A21340121007X23

So it is proving hard work to find the front set for the E43 AMG with the ET20 offset. The rears are no problem but the fronts are harder to find so far. I have spoken to MB Stevenage and they can't even find the 19" alloys for an S213 E43 on their system at all to even buy new from MB. Even though they shipped on the E43 as standard. I believe the 19" alloys were also standard on the E53 too

I think I am going to have to put some rear tyres on the existing 20" alloys for the moment to get the car back on the road. It is currently still at Welwyn Merx and has been for many weeks! Long story!!

Then try to either find a set of after market 19" alloys for the E43 with the ET20 offset or just wait and keep searching for a set of 19" AMG Twin 5-Spokes with the ET20 offset to come up. Just seems the ideal time to downgrade the alloys from the current 20's to the 19's as they need a refurb and all 4 tyres are nearly shot. Well the rears are illegal! Part of the long story!!

If anyone has any or knows of any 19" AMG alloys with the ET20 offset for the front it would be most appreciated if you could let me know. Or if anyone has 19" alloys on their E43 or E53 and fancied upgrading to 20" alloys maybe we could work a swap deal. Mine will need a refurb though.

Why is nothing ever easy :)
Also just worked out that the end part of the code is the colour code so 7X23 Night Edition style High Sheen with Gloss Black & Diamond Cut face and 7X21 is High Sheen with Titanium/Himalaya Grey & Diamond Cut face.

The attached doc might be useful to some I found that details the tyres sizes and alloy sizes with part codes.


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