Help. W205 Park Brake Relase Pads Function

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Nov 16, 2014
Mercedes C63
Hi all,

I need to change the rear pads on my C63s W205. Now there is a hidden workshop menu you to this as found on YouTube etc. I press and hold the "Ok" button and the "Home" button while in the Trip menu.
Then after 5 seconds the workshop menu appears. I select "Brake Pad Replace".
Now the park brake should retract so I can change the pads but I get a message on the display "Not all conditions met. Click OK or back to try again" but what are the conditions? How do I find out????

Prerequisites (before performing this function): 1. Park the vehicle on a level surface. 2. Turn on ignition. 3. Release the hand brake(hand brake indication light goes off). Note: The following models are equipped with electronic hand brake: W222、W176、W166、W218、W246、W205

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