Help! W211 Xenon Ballast replacement

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Indie Chana

New Member
Apr 8, 2013
Hi all.

I'm having trouble trying to get my passenger side xenon to work. A garage told me its most likely the ballast/control unit that needs changing.

I really need some advice. I managed to locate the ballast under the bumper(1st Picture attached). Is this just the ballast or the control unit as I don't know if they are different things or is this both as one unit?

I have found a after market one online (2nd picture attached) and I want to know if they are the same and it will be compatible.

Any advice and help would be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.20230210_094250.jpgballast.jpg
D1S ingintion is fixed on bulb. Then it must be a ballast unit, if bulb and wires are ruled out.

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