Help with 320clk please

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Jan 3, 2012
Mercedes CLK320 Convertible
I guys I am looking a second opinion on the possible diagnosis that I have been given on my car.

It's a w208 3.2 on a W plate and since owning it about a year it has slowly got worse with its running at times which I have had enough with now!

I have read many threads about this type of fault so have had all the plugs and leads changed which made no difference and took it to a mb specialist near me who diagnosed the air mass meter on the computer.

This was changed with a Bosch unit and again no joy or improvement.
On its second visit to specialist he has suggested that the Cats are now damaged possibly down to the poor running caused by the air mass meter so excessive back pressure is causing the car to shut down into safe mode.

I can see the logic in this diagnosis but wanted some over thoughts?

If so would it be worth getting non genuine replacements that have a 2 year guarantee fitted or will this cause problems to any other sensors etc?

It was suggested to me that as the mot is fairly new to cut the Cats apart, remove the internals and weld back up to check this cures the fault first before parting wi more money and worry about it near to next years mot!

Please advise
What have the fault codes on the OBD computer been do you know?
No not sure what they were or if it is giving any now but I do trust his experience in these vehicles having been working with them for years and this was his opinion of what is now wrong.

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