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Sep 28, 2007
W124 E500
Am thinking about getting all the bushes replaced for the rear suspension including the rear subframe bushes.

What should be a reasonable labour charge on something like this?

None of the bushes need replacing but as im changing the rear struts and all the springs, was thinking about getting them done as well. Making it all factory fresh so to speak!

Also, what would be best, OEM equipment or uprated aftermarket parts?

Can do the springs and rear struts myself as they wont take long but i know the rest would take some time.
Would love to do the work myself with my old man but have no garage and cant find one to rent either.
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Many of the bushes are part of the suspension arms. Are you planning to replace those as well?

Why are you replacing the struts? Are they leaking? Are you replacing the suspension spheres as well?

The bushes that normally need replacing on estates are the leading subframe bushes, diff mounting bushes and the camber control arms. It can be beneficial to replace the ARB bushes as well. The E500 has self-levelling, like an estate, but has a lot more torque so different things may be worn

What are you trying to achieve? If I were refurbing an E500 I would replace the parts listed above. I would replace the rear wheel bearings (which are a complete swine to do) only if they were noisy and I'd leave the rest alone unless they needed replacement

If you do replace the legs & springs you might as well drop the subframe out, do the diff bushes and replace the fuel, brake & self-levelling pipes as they corrode and are difficult to get at with the subframe in place. But your budget will end up taking a hammering if you're not doing it yourselves

Maybe you should do it like a BMW - drop the whole subframe out, refurb it on the bench & then refit it

I'd use factory parts all the way through

Nick Froome
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The legs are very expensive, about 2500 a pair I believe. You can replace the rear spheres (In the spare wheel well, 2 round items) and the strut top mount rubbers (Very easy job) and then that's it really.

How does it handle in a bumpy fast corner?

Yup, was planning to change the suspension arms too.

I did get a quote, was around £600 without parts.

I just wanted to make the rear suspension almost as new, as i like my cars to be fresh and solid.
However, they don't pose a problem right now so may just change them when they really need doing.

To be honest, i haven't driven it fast at all yet.
Im waiting to get it all fully done before i unleash it on the road.
By fully done, i mean new alloys fitted, suspension etc.

I did get the rear strut repair kit which comes with all the bushings and nuts and bolts.
I also got new spring seat pads too.

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