Help with oil leak on W124 E320 Coupe

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Mar 24, 2016
E320 Coupe
Hi All,

Started the car today and let her run for around 10 minutes and I noticed a puddle of oil directly under the engine bay. I wasn't sure if it was coming from my car or whether it was from a car that parked in the bay before me so I moved to the bay opposite. Kept the engine ticking over for a little while longer, this time no oil patch directly under the engine bay but ALOT of fluid coming from underneath the offside between the back of the drivers seat and the rear offside wheel. I stuck my head under and the fluid was dripping from what looks like thin metal pipes, where they are mounted to the undercarriage. Not sure if one of the metal pipes has the leak or whether the leak starts in the engine bay and channelling down (on top of) the pipes and dripping at that point where its mounted, if you know what i mean?

Anyhow, I checked the dipstick and oil levels are good (inbetween min and max. The brake fluid reservoir looks fine and up to max level. Dont think it could be the fuels lines as its an light brown oil thats leaking. Dont think its Power steering fluid as its normally red, plus PAS fluid shouldnt be travelling down to the rear of the car.

I suspect it could be hydraulic oil leak as the reservoir if half empty. Although I did stand there and watch to see if the fluid level in the reservoir would go down, and it didnt!

Question is, are these thin metal pipes easy to repair if the leak is from the mounting point? It's the straight section which runs along front to back. or would i have to replace all the pipes?

Can anyone recommend someone who can fix this? Around Herts/Essex/East London?

Is it ok to drive the car in its current leaky state if i top up the hydraulic fluid? Just so I can drive to the garage to get it sorted.

Thanks all.
I'm going to assume you have an ASD diff or SLS fitted to your coupe, both of which send hydraulic fluid to the rear of the car.

I normally cut out the rotton section back to a good bit of pipe, then splice in a repair line. You need to get the car up on a ramp to see how much of the pipework needs replacing, if it's above the rear subframe things can get expensive.
Thanks carat. I think I have the ASD... It looks as though its on a straight section so I'm hoping not to drop the subframe...

Any idea how much a shop would charge for splicing it?

D'you reckon it'll be ok to drive around on short journeys until its sorted? or would it damage it even more?
You can still use the car on short trips, but keep the fluid topped up. Letting it run dry can damage the pump.

Price depends on how much needs replacing, you always find more when you start poking around.

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