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Mar 25, 2018
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Hi, super grateful of some help. Had the knuckles changed and the image is the report. Purchased car with new tyres, had to go back a few times and on each occasion asked for tyre measurements. This helped demonstrate excessive wear on the edges. Knuckles changed on 4000 miles. Tyres have done circa 13000 and MB suggested I should see 25k miles. Excess wear on the outside edge on both fronts. Back seems to be wearing ok.

Report shows reds and am I correct in saying black text is manual input? Is this acceptable post knuckles being replaced?
I'd say the final values are decent despite being a little out of spec. I wouldn't expect those to cause excessive wear.

The initial values did have too much positive front toe and that would cause wear on the outer edges of the front tyre.

I'd suggest either the toe was not set correctly initially or more likely a pothole/speed ramp/kerb knocked the front right out of spec at some point.

If you are saying you had front suspension parts replaced in the middle of the tyre life then the wear probably happened before but it often appears to show more as the tyre wears down, even though the tyre is wearing evenly now.
Worn shocks can cause excessive tyre wear on the edge of the tyres. Also worth checking to see if the suspension bushes were torqued under load (i.e car on the ground not in the air) so that the bushings are tightened under load; if they are not then they will fail fairly quickly as the bushing is under strain.
I also have excessive wear on both outer front tyres
Further to this i took the car in for 4 wheel alignment this morning.

The fronts were toe was out by around a degree. Back in spec and it drives much nicer

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