Heritage from Norton Fleet Insurance - Highly recommended

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Charles Morgan

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Feb 2, 2010
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I rarely have the opportunity to sing the praises of most companies I deal with, not because I don't get good service, but simply because most of the time I deal with someone in a call centre to whom I am unlikely to speak again. However, I wanted specifically to highlight a firm that has given me nothing but good value, helpful and friendly service since I have been using them.

Heritage from Norton Insurance cover all my classics and other cars on a single fleet policy. As many here know I do tend to change cars on an occasional basis, and what with breakdown cover and vehicle modifications, I sometimes forget to get the necessaries sorted. Jayne Devey and fellow team members there on the fleet side are invariably friendly, chatty, helpful and efficient, as well as tolerant of my regular lapses. I suspect on one or two cars I might get a better deal by really shopping around, but I have been very happy indeed with the overall price I pay and nothing beats having good human interaction. In short, I cannot recommend them highly enough.

No connection, no commissions, just a very happy customer.
Have used them before - great company. Would be using them now if my SL wasnt slightly too new for their classic policy.
agreed awesome pricing on classic insurance and good service as well

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