Heritage (Norton Insurance) Classic Fleet insurance

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Charles Morgan

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Feb 2, 2010
Mercedes 250CE W114, Alfa Romeo GT Coupe 3.2 V6
I know most don't have a fleet of cars let alone classic cars, but Heritage have recently launched a fleet policy and I have to say they have been a joy to deal with. The BMW 02, two other classics not yet named, but between them insured at agreed value and for 13,00 social miles a year (too much) for a grand total of .....


fully comprehensive.

So cheap perhaps I should buy another....

Apart from that, really nice to talk to as well. They will add the main car too, so when the insurance on the W124 runs out, I'll be in touch. No connections at all.
I have just asked them to quote for the two S Classses , the yet to arrive E class , the Ponton and the Hyundai coupe .

Will post back how I get on .
Sadly , they weren't competitive for me ( £890 for my five cars , even dropping the two I don't currently use only reduced it to £585 .

In the end , I put the 500 and the E250 on classic policies with Peter Best at £157 for the 500 and £192 for the E250 , both allowing 5000 miles , although no business use now ( only used once in the last two years so can live without it ) . They were quite happy for me to put both cars on Classic Policies since I also have use of a work vehicle and there is another car in the household ( her ladyship's ) although I seldom drive the latter .

At some point in the next year or so , I will need to apply my NCD to something before I lose it , but for now I have enough use shared between my two cars to suit my requirements .

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