Herr Brunstrom the Anti-Driver Cop to be sued!

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Aug 16, 2003
One that's too slow…
Say this and it made my day! About time someone stood up to the little Nazi!

"Top cop sued for bad job
Jan 27 2004

By Eryl Crump Daily Post

NORTH Wales' top cop is being sued by a deputy mayor because of alleged poor policing.
Jeff Evans, who last night presented his writ to Chief Constable Richard Brunstrom, is demanding the return of £200 in council tax.
The deputy mayor of Holyhead is incensed officers failed to help his teenage daughter when she was attacked by yobs, who shouted abuse and poured alcohol over her.
He said: "If you employ an electrician to fit lights in your home and they don't work then you would not pay him, so why should I pay the police?"
Coun Evans has called for more emergency response officers, adding: "The police are concentrating too much on speed and the motorist."
But Mr Brunstrom said just 1pc of police time was spent on the Arrive Alive campaign, while burglaries in Holyhead have dropped by a quarter.
He has also promised a new beat bobby for the town.
"I am extremely proud of the performance of North Wales Police," said the Chief Constable.
"Mr Evans has given me papers but I've had no chance to read them. I am told it is a county court summons. I am still not sure what the complaint is but the figures speak for themselves.
"There are lies, damn lies and statistics - you have to cut beneath that. Road deaths are down, crime reports show crime is falling. People must make up their own minds about what is going on."

"There are lies, damn lies and statistics" You said it Chief Constable!!!!


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