Hi All. New to Mercs but not cars or forums ;o)

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Jun 25, 2012
E220 CDI SE Exec, C250d AMG Line Est
How do :thumb:

So after many years in the world of performance cars, the cost of fuel and insurance finally convinced me to hang up my fast boots and settle for something comfy instead. I did the "other" German cars ;) and have now ended up with a new E-class 220.

It's a nice place to be :D Don't get me wrong but there are a few things I'd like to ask about eventually.

Anyway, what's the score in here? Is it like most forums? The majority are cool but there are a few lemons out there or are you all elitist fools lol


Mikey :cool:
Welcome to the forum Mikey.

What part of this fine land do you reside?
I'm a Brummie - I cor evun spel elitest fool :dk:
Sunny Nottingham, I'll get round to filling my profile in properly ;)
Right then, lets get this post count up and running... :D
How do, a Northern welcome if ever there was one. Welcome to the forum. All sorts of folks on here, I live in Scotland but was born in LANCASHIRE, SPX above comes from yorkshire. This forum is a good place to be:thumb:
Cheers guys :D I feel all warm and fluffy already ;)

Could someone point me in the direction of the right place to ask about using the Auto box on the car. The instruction manual is not very forthright and I'm sure I'm doing something wrong lol. It only seems to work if I make like a 70 year old..... :D

Mikey :cool:
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Hi and welcome.

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